10 Reasons to Start Using Cast Iron Skillet Today

There are definite benefits to having a couple of cast iron cookware. They are incredibly affordable and can fit in every kitchen. They may look old-fashioned but are incredibly versatile and cheap. Plus, they can even last for generations.

But, that is not all. It seems that the old stories are true. Cooking food in cast-iron cookware can boost the body’s ability to absorb this crucial metal.

10 Reasons to Start Using Cast Iron Skillet

Here are the benefits of using cast iron cookware.

1. Supplies the Body with Iron

This specific cookware is the only one that provides your body with this crucial nutritional benefit. It releases a tiny amount of iron into the food while you cook it. That is why it can boost the iron levels in the body, especially if you are cooking something with tomatoes.

Highly acid foods, like tomatoes, for example, are the best mix with this cookware. If you make tomato sauce, the food will turn a more darker color since the acid in the food will pull the iron from the cookware.

That is why many people highly recommend this cast iron cookware. It can help add more iron to your diet and give it a more intimidating taste.

2. The Food Is Tastier

The food you cook in this cookware will come out flavored. If you are baking something, the crusts on the food will taste a million times better.

3. Toxic – Free

Cast iron skillet and other cookware are completely safe, unlike some of the non-stick pans that can release some toxins if scratched.

4. Very Cheap

You can purchase a new cast iron skillet for $20. Compared to the other cookware, this is a cheap and long lasting investment that even your children can inherit and use.

5. Extremely Durable

With the right care, this cookware can last for a lifetime. You can recondition and re-season it for as long as you like.

6. Easy to Clean

If you hate using soap for washing your cookware, you don’t have to use it to clean the cast iron. In fact, you can clean the skillet by using only hot water and a non-abrasive sponge.

7. People Have Been Using It for Ages

People have used cast iron cookware for more than 2,500 years. It was first made in the 4th century B.C. China. Later, it spread to England and the rest of the areas by the end of the 18th century.

8. Heating

When you start to heat the pan, the heat will distribute very evenly, while other high heat pans need more heat since their thin metal can’t distribute the heat evenly and fast enough.

9. It’s Non-Stick

Since the oil from the meals you previously cooked have been building up, the cast iron skillet is naturally non-stick cookware.

10. You Can Use It Anywhere

You can cook food on your charcoal grill, stove, or oven with your cast iron cookware. You can even place it in the oven since it can withstand the increasing heating levels which might reshape the other cookware.

Have you ever used a cast iron cookware before? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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